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Indivisible-Boothbay is a nonpartisan group of Boothbay area citizens who are committed to:

  • Protecting our fragile warming planet;
  • Improving the health and well-being of all;
  • Upholding equality before the law and respect for all Americans without regard to skin color, sexual identity, economic status, religious beliefs, or ethnic background;
  • Supporting and improving public education;
  • Welcoming peace-seeking immigrants; and
  • Encouraging active citizenship and engagement in the political process.

Read the entire mission statement here.

Upcoming Events

  1. Saturday, July 13, noon-4:00p.m.
    “Grill & Chill Community Picnic”!
  2. Outdoor BBQ/picnic at Barrett’s Park in Boothbay Harbor

This Week’s Actions

Ranked-choice voting for presidential primaries. LD 1083, An Act To Implement Ranked-choice Voting for Presidential Primary and General Elections in Maine. Sponsor: Sen. Troy Jackson (D-Aroostook).
This bill would move Maine’s presidential caucuses to primaries and use an instant-runoff system for primary and general presidential elections beginning in 2020. Known as ranked choice voting (RCV), the process ensures that only candidates who win at least 50.1% of the vote are elected to office.

ACTION: The bill will go to the House and Senate for a vote as soon as the committee issues its report.

Restore the social safety net. LD 1317, An Act To Restore Services To Help Certain Noncitizens Meet Their Basic Needs. Sponsor: Rep. Drew Gattine (D-Westbrook).
This bill would restore access to critical programs that provide food assistance, health care, and other resources to immigrants in Maine legally who are seeking asylum and those with green cards who have been here for less than 5 years.

An Act To Promote Solar Energy Projects and Distributed Generation Resources in Maine. LD1711  Sponsor: Sen. Dana Dow
The bill creates a competitive market to expand the amount of solar that is generated and distributed in Maine.  It is projected to create over 500 clean energy jobs in Maine.
VOTE IS IMMINENT and word on the street is the industrial group with some of the larger greenhouse gas footprints are starting to pressure Sen. Dow and other legislators to back off of the policy.

An Act To Implement a Presidential Primary System in MaineLD 1626
The bill has already passed the Maine House and Senate. But the legislature has to find just over $120,000 every four years to fund it.
The budget is being negotiated now. Tell your legislator: Support funding for the presidential primary.

Let your state rep and senator know that these are good bills that will help increase voter turnout and ensure voters feel their vote matters.

Senator Dana Dow: Home Phone: (207) 832-4658 Cell: (207) 446-3262; State House Office Phone: Senate Republican Office (207) 287-1505   Email: Dana.Dow@legislature.maine.gov
Representative Holly Stover: Home Phone: (207) 633-5979 Email: Holly.Stover@legislature.maine.gov

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