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Indivisible-Boothbay is a nonpartisan group of Boothbay area citizens who are committed to:

  • Protecting our fragile warming planet;
  • Improving the health and well-being of all;
  • Upholding equality before the law and respect for all Americans without regard to skin color, sexual identity, economic status, religious beliefs, or ethnic background;
  • Supporting and improving public education;
  • Welcoming peace-seeking immigrants; and
  • Encouraging active citizenship and engagement in the political process.

Read the entire mission statement here.

Upcoming Events

This Week’s Actions

  1. Support Maine’s Clean Elections program. Keep big money out of our campaigns! Donate $5 to local and state-level candidates who are running “clean” to help them qualify for a publicly-funded campaign. It’s very easy to do online. Go to https://www5.informe.org/cgi-bin/online/ethics/cleanelection/home.pl. 
  2. Make your volunteer commitments. This is a critical year if we are to succeed in taking back our country from the anti-democratic, pro-divisive forces that currently hold power. You can make a big difference. Be a campaign volunteer; local candidates who support the values espoused by Indivisible-Boothbay need your help. Who among your acquaintances, friends, neighbors, and relatives needs coaxing to become politically engaged? Finally, what help can you lend to the work of Indivisible-Boothbay? Make a promise to yourself to do more this year than you’ve ever done before.
  3. From the University of New England:  It’s time and past that Mainers really absorb this part of Maine’s history with the tribes of Maine. We need to help right some wrongs and part of doing that is educating ourselves on and understanding our shared history. Please click on the link below for the video of Monday’s lecture.
    DONNA M. LORING LECTURE SERIES: Penobscot Nation v. Janet Mills: A Case of Cultural Identity and Tribal Stewardship with Chief Kirk Francis
    – University of New England
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