Boothbay Indivisible is a nonpartisan group of Boothbay area citizens who are committed to:

  • Protecting our fragile warming planet
  • Improving the health and well-being of all
  • Upholding equality before the law and respect for all Americans without regard to skin color, sexual identity, economic status, religious beliefs, or ethnic background
  • Supporting and improving public education
  • Welcoming peace-seeking immigrants
  • Encouraging active citizenship and engagement in the political process.

Through the legal tools of free speech and appropriate pressure on elected legislators and officials, we are committed to resisting any agenda that is built on or promulgates ignorance, racism, sexism, classism, isolationism, and/or despotic behavior.

This website is a public vehicle for communication of information and actions related to the concerns listed above. This does not mean we agree on everything nor does it mean we share the same priorities. It does mean that, collectively, we will be working together to uphold the deeply rooted American ideal of liberty and justice for all.